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Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine

The Mystics

Taylor Fortune

The Mystic Warrior

As a Celestial Mystic, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach and the co-creator of "The Mystic Arts Tarot," Taylor first became aware of the Occult as a child, when his mom's Qabalistic work, "Tarot of the Spirit," was published. After a near-death experience from a rare respiratory disease, Taylor combined his metaphysical background with ICF Life Coaching and ISSA Certified Kickboxing & Elite Fitness Training, becoming a Mind, Body, Spirit Counselor. As the Founder of The Mystic Arts Spiritual Institute, Taylor has helped clients unlock the Great Mysteries of the Universe with his Gnostic Teachings, Paranormal Investigations, Reiki Mastery, and both esoteric and combat-centered Mixed Martial Arts. 

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B.A. Fame

Goddess Glow

As a Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Psychology Coach, CEO of Goddess Glow and co-creator of the “The Mystic Arts Tarot,” BethAnn is a Personal Development and Love Counselor. After a traumatic breakup landed her abusive ex behind bars, B.A. turned to Occult Spirituality and Eastern Energy work to heal her soul. Now, B.A. has made it her entrepreneurial mission to connect with abused women all across the globe and help them on their spiritual journey of independence and self-autonomy. As a Reiki Master, a natural intuitive and a professional Tarot Reader, B.A. serves as the co-founder of The Mystic Arts Spiritual Institute, where she teaches Qabalistic Tarot, Tropical Astrology and Magick. 

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The Mystic Arts is dedicated to my uncle, Klaus Dieter Haisch, 04/17/53-11/07/2021, a True Mystic and the reason this Spiritual Institute exists -Taylor Fortune

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